Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interview: The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

Sanctuary Review recently got together with some of The World Is A Beautiful Place And I'm No Longer Afraid To Die to talk about their new album, some tour plans and their upcoming four-way split with End of the Year, Tigers Jaw and Code Orange Kids.

Sanctuary Review: Just for the recording, can you all say your name and what you do in the band?

Greg: My name is Greg, and I play guitar.

Thomas: I’m Thomas and I do stuff.

Steve: I’m Steve and I play the drums sometimes.

Kevin: I’m Kevin and I’m a...hypeman.

Josh: I’m Josh and I play bass guitar.

SR: So, you have a new full length coming out, right? You guys have been recording that?

Greg: We started recording it, yes.

SR: The new songs you played tonight sounded really good. Do you have any set release date yet or any idea when that’s coming out?

Greg: It keeps changing. January/February is the timeframe we’re looking at right now. We’re going to hopefully try four or five days in September to try to finish everything, have it done in October and hopefully have it released come January/February next year.

Kevin: I’m really going to hype that.

Steve: Chris, our third guitar player, had to go to the hospital tonight and he just sent me a picture of him in the hospital bed flipping everybody off.

SR: Does Chris run your twitter and stuff or is that someone else?

Greg: Chris runs twitter, myself and Derrik run tumblr.

SR: You guys have a really strong presence on those sites, I follow you on all of them.

Greg: That’s because Chris was placed on this earth to tweet. He doesn’t tweet often but when he does it’s pure gold.

Steve: He tweets constantly when he’s driving.

Greg: You think he is, but he’s not, he’s just texting his girlfriend. Tweeting is far and in between but it’s great.

SR: Can I ask what the story behind the nickname Shitty Greg is?

Steve: Oh he’s shitty. He never brings hot dogs.

Josh: He forgets things a lot. 

Steve: He’s just...shitty.

SR: Do you guys ever get a different reaction at punk shows like with Joyce Manor tonight, and then you mentioned you were going out with Suis La Lune?

Greg: Yeah, that tour’s booked. We just were on tour and a lot of the places it’s just the same kinda thing as tonight where we’re surprised at the crowd. It’s weird being the kind of band we are, like, you wouldn’t expect people would be jumping on top of each other but I mean we love it. That’s my favorite thing in the world.

SR: Yeah, I’ve never seen The Space move like that before, for you guys and the bands after you. 

Greg: We’re all incredibly grateful that enough people care about our band to do that. It’s a fucking great feeling.

Steve: Yeah that felt really good.

Thomas: We’ll never be Algernon [Cadwallader]though.

Josh: Algernon are just so good...always so good.

SR: Last year I saw you open for Life In Your Way, you must be pretty used to playing with different sounding bands, right?

Greg: Yeah, Shai Hulud played that show too. We have friends in that band. We also played a show with that band Dangers from LA, and it’s like, I don’t care what a band sounds like, as long as I like it, we’ll play with them.

Josh: Life In Your Way was your [Thomas’] favorite band, possibly still is, right?

Thomas: Yeah, I still like them. It’s really cool that I used to pay money to see people like Shai Hulud and now we get to play with them.

SR: Yeah, that’s gotta be cool. I’d love to do that. Greg, you’re wearing a Code Orange Kids shirt, you did a song with them, right?

Greg: No, well, they had this song that they just let anyone sing the “ignorant mosh” part, and I was on that. 

Steve: Well we have a split coming out...can we talk about the split?

Greg: Yeah, fuck it, go for it.

Steve: So we have a split coming out between End Of The Year, Code Orange Kids, Tigers Jaw, and us. I’m not sure of what format it’s going to end up being.

Kevin: It’s gunna be a 7”. Because I can’t sell a 12” with four songs on it for 12 bucks.

Steve: But apparently the Code Orange Kids song has singing on it, which is gunna be really cool.

Greg: It’s like a special little pocket in hell, it’s a really weird song. It sounds like a nightmare. 

SR: Wow, that’s awesome. That’s an amazing split. You’re playing a couple dates with Into It. Over it. also, right? 

Steve: Two dates. 

Josh: One will be unannounced. And it will remain that way.

Thomas: The other one is in Hartford, at the Webster Underground.

SR: That’s a great line up. Make Do And Mend, Into It. Over It., Hostage Calm, and you guys.

Steve: Also, Suis La Lune, a band from Norway, is on that. We’ll be doing a tour with them, too. I love them.

SR: That’s another awesome line up. Lastly, do you guys have anything else you want to say?

All: Hot dogs. 

Steve: In space. We love hot dogs. There’s a song on the album called "You Will Never Go To Space." That’s the thing about the full-length, it has the worst song titles you’ll ever hear. 

SR: I saw a post about that song on Facebook, when I read that it really bummed me out, because it’s so true. 

Steve: You really never will.

SR: Thanks a lot for hanging out with us and answering our questions for a while. 

Steve: Make sure you mention hot dogs as much as possible.

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