The Lonely Island - The Wack Album

The Lonely Island's senseless humor and over-the-top antics are really a treat to hear as far as mainstream comedy and The Wack Album is a pretty good continuation of that legacy.

Adventures - Clear My Head With You

Clear My Head With You is not as likely to latch on to listeners in the same way as the band's debut, but hearing Adventures travel into more technically impressive territory is well worth the change up.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Whenever, If Ever

Whenever, If Ever is already on track to become a record that resonates in a very powerful way with a group of people with common roots and ideas and takes on a life of its own to become another friend.

Movie Review: This Is The End

It's far from the tightest, wittiest, best put together comedy, but it's sure to be the comedy event of the summer.

deafhaven - Sunbather

..a sprawling, magnificent work of art that is all but guaranteed to inspire a whole new generation with its ambitions.


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